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Reader Question: SQUATS!

We recently received a question from a reader/awesome chick. We thought we’d share it here because, it’s a great question, and something that a lot of people are curious about – since squats and boo-tays are all the rage right now.


Hi ladies this page rocks! I don’t really know how technology works or blogging but I have recently decided to give a fuck about my bod and feel like I’m trying to educate myself and doing it wrong. I was wondering if you know anything on the topic of doing squats and how they really affect one’s overall workout? I’ve been trying to figure out why. I feel like everyone is telling me to do them when no one seems to be leaving me with a clear answer. I would to love read a something that doesn’t feel markety when it comes to health trends. Thanks for listening.”


We are so happy you like our page, and trust us with your hips and glutes.
Squatting is an amazing exercise!!! It not only builds muscle, but improves overall balance and core stability as well. As you build muscle, the amount of fat you burn goes into overdrive. This is a beautiful thing – and since our glutes are the largest muscle group in our body, it’s very important to give it some special attention. You will reap all the benefits, trust us.
With some solid effort, you will soon be able to jump higher, walk faster, dance longer… Just about everything you do on a regular basis will become easier. So, yes. Do squats.
It is a great way to build strength and improve overall fitness. Plus, your a$$ will look amazing in just about anything. It tightens everything up, and works wonders for getting rid of cellulite.
Make sure you are doing them properly to ensure they are as effective as possible.
Just a few things to keep in mind:
1. Legs about shoulder width apart
2. Chest up, back straight
3. Keep your core tight (think of drawing your ribcage into your belly, it sounds weird but just try it)
4. Do your best to achieve your best ‘ass to grass’ – go as low as possible without compromising your form
5. Keep your knees over your toes, and BREATHE


Here is an extreme depiction for you… I mean, not even the same person, but you get the idea.



Try to work these into a regular program – just squatting isn’t enough.
If you are feeling really brave you should do BURPEES. Even start with 10 every morning and night. They suck, and you will hate them – but they work! They incorporate squats, jumping, push-ups, and cardio. Also, you can do them anywhere – NO EXCUSES. When life knocks you down, do a burpee!


Keep ’em coming guys!



Is this thing on?

Welcome to the launch post!


We’ve all been there –

“guys! it’s April! Time to start getting into shape for summer!”

“The gym’s too crowded/far/full of d-bags”

“Ok, but for real, healthy eating starting Monday”

“Vodka Soda please! *whispers* I heard it has the lowest calorie count”

“A dlux slice, chzzy bret, ‘n’ exter dipping sauce pliss.” -post 8 vodka sodas-

“ok THIS Monday for sure”


Those are possibly direct quotes. We all have our ups and downs of healthy eating and exercise, and we want to share ours with you – in hopes of inspiration, solidarity, and putting a smile on your face… starting Monday.