Just Do It

ac·count·a·bil·i·ty                                                                                                                           noun: accountability                                                                                                                                        1. The fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.

“It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do for which we are accountable.” – Moliere.

I’ve been realizing success does not come to you, you go to it. This is a fairly easy concept to understand… much harder to execute. I have also decided that I need to be held accountable for my actions (and mostly, my inactions).

I don’t know what it is, but I seem to have this perpetual habit of quitting. I am a quitter. All talk. Unrealistic about my goals in comparison to the amount of effort I am actually willing to put in at times. I get on a roll and right before I am about to breakthrough that plateau… I stop. I am not completely defeated, I do reach goals – just very inconsistently.

I think that I thought that I would suddenly find something that motivated me, a muse if you will. I want to inspire people, and to feel inspired! So how do I do it? How do I stop letting myself down? How do I stay on track and not give up on my dreams and goals when things get tough? How do I stay ACCOUNTABLE? First thing’s first… let go. I am an emotional woman. I let things get me down and they literally get the best of me, so this is my first challenge – Let go of the guilt, the bad day I had, my relationships with others, the way I feel when I give up on myself, etc. Just. Let. Go. OK, check.

“The right thing to do and the hard thing to do are usually the same.” ― Steve Maraboli.

There are so many reasons not to do something. It is often too tempting to make excuses and take the easy way out. I know firsthand this “easy way” is not all it’s cracked up to be. Nobody feels good when they’re not in shape or living a healthy lifestyle. I understand it is a journey, and you learn and become stronger along the way. I love the journey, but I am ready to break this pattern and reach that peak. I know it will make all the difference, in every single aspect of my life.


So here are some tips I will be incorporating into my life; some I have used before – and they work for me, and some are new things I’m going to start doing;

  • Take measurements:  I do love the scale because for me I know when I am slipping and it’s usually a big wake up call to get me moving. I do know it does the complete opposite for other people. Measurements are a great and effective way to track progress without making you feel badly if you are gaining muscle and the numbers go up.                                        
  • Buy new workout wear:  I don’t know about you, but a new pair of Nikes or workout gear always makes me excited for that next run.
  • Log your Food: Tracking what you are eating on a daily basis is so important. Most of us don’t realize how much we actually eat. When you have to write it down, you will most likely think twice about those bad choices.
  • Visualize your success: I LOVE vision boards. They aren’t for everyone, but I think they are an amazing tool. Make one with all of your favourite pictures, quotes – anything that inspires you, and post it where can see it every morning. Seeing really is believing. ❤
  • Enlist a workout buddy: It is always easier with a friend. It’s science.
  • Hire a trainer: This can be expensive, but they definitely are worth it if it helps you reach your potential.
  • Make time for YOU: Make your workout a priority. Schedule it in your calendar or phone if you have to – It will make the rest of your day much more enjoyable.
  • Sign up: Whether it’s a team or a run, etc. Knowing you have to be ready for something makes you more likely to stay active. I enjoy team sports. You can still workout and have fun at the same time!
  • Challenge yourself and don’t be too hard on yourself:  Allow yourself to make mistakes without feeling completely defeated, and always just keep moving forward.

I know I promised Insanity results, so I am going to deliver. These tips are going to help me get there. Consistency is the key! #DIGDEEP EVERYONE!!

Ash xo

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