Tilapia Lettuce Wraps


I love food. A lot. I love enjoying it, and when I struggle with eating clean and healthy, it’s because I get bored and sad with what I’m eating. My mission is to find tasty ways to put healthy food together. Sometimes there has to be a small concession in the meal to get me to eat everything else, and that’s still better than anything else I would have chosen. I put cheese in a lot of salad, and I may sometimes bread my fish in panko.

This recipe could be done with non-breaded tilapia, but I’m the kind of girl who people wouldn’t believe has this blog, so this is pretty good for me. Tasty too – I almost forgot I was eating protein and vegetables wrapped in another vegetable.



-panko bread crumbs (optional)

-romaine lettuce (would also work with iceberg)


-red cabbage

-vegetable oil (for frying)*

*if you’d like to get super healthy, you could skip the breading and bake the fish

pico de gallo:





-yellow pepper (I threw this in for fun – you totally don’t have to. but you totally could)

-lime juice

-olive oil




-plain greek yogurt

-olive oil

-lime juice

start with the pico de gallo, the longer the flavours sit together, the more excellent it gets.

dice up everything you’ve got (couple of tomatoes, an onion or half of one, couple of garlic cloves, medium bunch of cilantro, splash of oil, a lime…  look I don’t want to tell you how to live your life – make it how you like it).


next, your lime and mint sauce. remember about the excellence of flavours hanging out?

I don’t really want to give you measurements – the best way is to just try it. everyone likes things a little different, so just add a good bit of everything, and start tasting and adjusting.



now, on to the fish!

tilapia is a pretty firm fish, so breading it wasn’t too much trouble. some fish will be more difficult, but anything will work if you don’t love tilapia. you can also cook it any way you’d like if you skip the breading – bake, steam, whatevs.

general breading – coat in flour, egg wash, bread crumbs (I skip the flour most of the time because I’m lazy. breading doesn’t stick quite as well, but that’s probably for the best). you can add a little salt and pepper to the panko if you’d like, because it’s generally unseasoned.

fry up until golden, drain on paper towel, and slice it up (after it’s cooled some).



sort out your lettuce (wash it… ), cut up your cabbage and avocado, and you’re ready to go!



The healthier you eat, the healthier you want to eat. My mistake is that once I get off the rails, the train doesn’t stop. If I give in and eat pizza, then I think, “well I already had pizza, might as well have these mint girl guide cookies (YUM)”. Then it’s “well I already had pizza and cookies. Maybe today’s a cheat day! …Even though I was supposed to start healthy eating today”. STOP IT! One bad thing won’t kill you, but if you let it slide down the biggest effing mountain you’ve ever laid your sweet eyes upon, then it’s an issue. A tiny treat won’t be a treat if that’s your whole diet.



p.s. this recipe can also be found on my other blog Ky’s Kitchen. If you’re only about healthy eating, this one may not be for you. There are a lot of the first kind of treats I was talking about… sandwiched between healthy things. Mmmm, sandwiches.

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